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Healthy Food

Whether you're doing it to lose some kilos, rebuild your condition or just because you like it and enjoy it: Healthy eating has a lot of advantages. And Although the importance of this should no longer be explained, it remains nice to put some motivating and positive facts in line. Read the plus points of healthy eating here.

1. Productivity Just like a car, our mind and body need a lot of fuels to work optimally. A healthy and balanced menu with regular meat and fish on The table provide essential substances such as omega-3 fats, iron but also oxygen to make your brain function optimally. The boost of this good reflex will make you notice in increased productivity.

2. Happy Feeling
What you eat still has a different influence on your brain: Some foods contain substances that stimulate the production of certain hormones. For Example, bananas include the ' action hormone ' dopamine and black chocolate serotonin, a substance that regulates your mood and is used in the fight against depression.

3. Stress
Also, cortisol, better known as the stress hormone, can be significantly reduced by the proper diet. Products rich in vitamin C, omega-3 fatty acids and magnesium are ideal for this.

4. Saturation When It comes to healthy eating, beats quality the quantity. Fresh Foods give you a more full feeling and are consumed less quickly by our bodies. In all probability, You will not only eat less but also be satisfied longer.

5. Smaakbom Although taste is subjective, and fresh food has much more flavor than ready-made meals. Clean, brand new fruit and vegetables put the taste buds in your mouth extra to work, MMM!

6. Aging
Why pay for expensive Botox treatments when your skin can also get a lot of benefits from healthy food? For Example, antioxidants, which you find in berries and strawberries, slow down premature aging. They not only deal with free radicals but also protect us from the damaging influence of sun rays.

7. Healthy An Unhealthy lifestyle increases the chances of cancer, diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease in the long term. Some studies even suggest that at least 30 percent of cancers are linked to poor nutrition. Those Who eat too little protein, vitamins and minerals also lose their muscle mass more efficiently and promote the construction of a fat layer.

8. Long Life
Not only Do you have a pleasant feeding schedule less chance of illness, but it also gives you a prospect of a longer life. Fruit and vegetables combined with regular exercise give women more opportunity to cross the 80-year-old cape. For men, that figure is slightly lower, but still high enough to take on this positive effect.

9. Cheap
Fruits and vegetables can cost a lot at times of the year. However, due to a healthy rhythm of life, you can save more on your doctor's account because many vitamins often remedy small ailments.

10. Healthy weight Although The above plus points have nothing to do with a diet, a conscious choice, such as soft drinks replaced by water, can contribute to a healthy weight. Another benefit that lies so for plucking, isn't it?

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